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 Got2Golf strives to make apps that are not only intuitive and fun for the end user, but provide real value and virtual enhancement to the golfing experience. A mobile app gives a unique way for visitors and members to engage with your golf course and enjoy a deeper level of immersion through virtual media.

Here are few ways an app from Got2Golf can help your course score a mobile marketing hole in one:
Golf Course Mobile Apps

Boost Membership (And Revenue) by Expanding Your Demographic

A branded app greatly increases the exposure a golf club can attain, and connects with prospective members on a more intimate level than a website alone would be able to. In addition to providing opportunity for potential members to view photos of your gorgeous greens, check out your pro shop and get a taste of your course's unique subculture, an app will also streamline the membership application itself, which could lead to a boost in membership. 

Keep Your Existing Members Better Informed

With powerful features like instant GHIN lookup/post, push notifications and tournament schedules, the members you already have (the important ones), will be on the cutting edge of information when it comes to your golf course. 

Improve Member Loyalty and Engagement

By offering special incentives, helpful course info, and interactive features like QR Scanner and Course Cam, your golf course can take member engagement to the next level. 

Maximize Your Pro Shop Sales

Offer another sales conversion point for merchandise, gear and apparel through our Pro Shop mobile commerce feature. This is really a very versatile feature in that it integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.Net.

Drive Restaurant Traffic

By making it simple for golfers or order from the course, your restaurant will gain in dining traffic.  Our intuitive menu and order systems can easily upsell course visitors into sticking around for a meal.

Multiplatform Approach Improves Coverage

We've got every mobile device covered with native applications for iPhone, iPad and Android, and a mobile web app for everything else. 

Powerful Content Management With AppCenter

With our AppCenter CMS backend, you are as involved with content management of your own app as you choose to be. We give you the opportunity to update course info, events schedule and more yourself. Of course, if you'd rather not worry about it, we'd be more than happy to manage all your app updates, as well. 

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